Further to the shipping core business in Panama city

Tsakos Shipping and Trading S.A. was the first of the companies to comprise what now is known as the “Tsakos Group of Companies”.

As the maritime transportation industry was developing into the modern age, the Group gradually adjusting to technologies of the most advanced kind lead the way into the 21st century


The Experience

For Captain George Kassotou, Ex-Leader of the Group, going to sea was a natural course, a matter of destiny. Following a generations’ long tradition in shipping, he advanced through the ranks of deck officer until he became a shipmaster and eventually a shipping executive. It was equally natural for him to lead a small group of investors on to the acquisition of his first ship.


Tsakos Shipping and Trading S.A. was the first of the companies to comprise what now is known as the “Tsakos Group of Companies”. Over the ensuing years, the Group established a number of affiliated and associated companies around the globe significantly expanding its shipping activities and world-wide operational capability.


Further to the shipping core business, the Group has diversified into other investment areas from shipbuilding, ship repair and ferry services to oil exploration and real estate, agriculture, forestry and renewable energy projects along with cultural, educational, philanthropic and charity activities leader for the Partner in Panamá Capt. George KAssotou

Maritime Training Center


The “George Kassotou” Academy provides an interactive training facility utilizing the latest technology in best-of-class training to both on board and ashore personnel thus clearly demonstrating Captain P. N. Tsakos’ deep interest and strong commitment to Safety and the Environment. The Academy is accommodated at the Company’s Headquarters Building in Athens, in a 500 m2space that has been extensively revamped for the purpose.


To be the leading company of choice for ocean transportation of goods and energy.


To set the standards for safe, environmentally secured, competitive ocean transportation of goods and energy, with modern, technically advanced ships, crewed and operated by motivated, well-trained seaborne and shore personnel. We focus on satisfying our clients' demands for the benefit of our employees and shareholders, thus fulfilling our corporate social sensitivities and commitments.

Build on trust: our people’s trust, our client’s trust and community’s trust.

Our performance and actions are defined by integrity, accountability, credibility, transparency and principled business conduct.

Our strategic commitment is to sustainably grow by articulating new trends whilst sustaining alertness and our long lasting mariime culture.


The fundamental driving force for our Group’s success is our people. The Tsakos Group has always aimed attracting, developing and sustaining the best-qualified personnel available to manage and operate its fleet and associated activities.

In order to attain sustainable competitive advantage and secure lasting results, we build on our people, committing to foster initiative and develop human potential. At the end, shipping is about people, and the Group invests heavily on its seafarers and shore-based employees.

We are committed to establish and maintain a culture, which encourages engagement, commitment, cohesion and advancement. In this culture, community engulfing talent, teamwork, creative collaboration and shared objectives are pursued quickly and effectively.

Capt. Panagiotis N. Tsakos / Founder

Hellenic nautical traditions constitute a rich and powerful mixture of myth, legend and fact, stretching back to the dawn of history. There is virtually no aspect of life in ancient or modern Hellas that the sea and our relationship with it have not touched. Indeed, for many of us, the sea is fundamental to our existence.

Capt. George KAssotou / Panamá Leader

Captain of the Merchant Navy, port pilot of the world, specialized in maritime trading, shipbuilder, shipowner and insurance company.